ASB hosts annual winter sports rally

Glen A. Wilson’s Associated Student Body (ASB) will hold the annual Winter Sports Rally, featuring all of Glen A. Wilson’s talented winter sports teams on Mar. 4.

Much like with past sports rallies, the Winter Sports Rally will consist of some fun games between all the winter sports captains as well as dances from the girls varsity water polo as well as boys and girls varsity basketball team. For dozens of students, the dances are the highlight of the school sports rallies. ASB President and boys varsity basketball captain Justin Huh (12) is one of the many.

“My favorite part of the rally is actually being able to perform the boy’s varsity basketball dance and keep this tradition alive with my brothers!” Huh said.

Huh, Aiden Chan (12) and Jeremiah Susanto (12) are the boy’s varsity basketball team captains. They, along with the rest of the boy’s varsity basketball team, will be performing at the rally. But not all this could have been possible without the work of ASB. Huh touches on a little of what ASB does behind the scenes.

“There were many exciting preparations that went behind this rally [by] the Rallies Committee,” said Huh. “The Activities Committee planned a few games, and the Publicity Committee made beautiful posters! Not to mention, our winter sports [teams] did an incredible job practicing their dances during lunch and after school for the rally!”

Girls varsity basketball will also be dancing at the Winter Sports Rally. Team captain Ivy Liang expresses how she is feeling leading up to it.

“I am a bit anxious and nervous because this will be the last sports rally I will be performing for, but I am also excited and can not wait to see the other dances!” said Liang.

Liang and the rest of the performing teams have put in a lot of work to be ready for the Winter Sports Rally. She describes some of the girl’s varsity basketball team’s efforts.

“As a team we have been trying to practice daily, sacrificing our lunchtimes to do so. Some of us have really busy schedules, and it has been difficult for everyone to attend the dance practices, so some of us have to practice at home by ourselves,” Liang said.

The last of the performing winter sports teams are girls’ water polo. Sophia Ontiveros (12), who is on the team, is unable to perform at the rally but praises her teammates for their hard work getting ready for it.

“My team has decided to do practices during lunch and sixth period in preparation for the rally. Although it is tedious work, it is necessary to put on the best performance,” Ontiveros said. “Although I am personally not performing due to my own schedule, I believe that my team will have a successful performance due to the atmosphere we have as a team. Our ability to communicate and be cordial is incredible.”

Ontiveros also hopes that the rally games organized by ASB will be fun. She details some of her favorites.

“I enjoy rally games that are the most engaging and the ones that are most unpredictable. The best games are from when we have big events such as Homecoming, and there is the hamster wheel [game]. The outcome of the games involving that is hilarious.”

ASB’s next upcoming event is the Mr. Wilson Show on Mar. 18.

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