ASB holds interest meeting for students interested in Mr. Wilson

Numerous senior male students who were interested in Mr. Wilson met in Mrs. Branconier’s classroom on Jan. 25 for the event set for Mar. 17. 

Associative Student Body (ASB) advisor, Mrs. Branconier shares about how special the show is and the pleasure it brings her as the entire show comes together. 

“Mr. Wilson is Wilson High school’s annual tradition of another version of a beauty pageant for our senior boys. It is an opportunity for boys to get out of their comfort zones, have some fun, demonstrate their silly side with friends and family supporting them,” Branconier says. “It is a great night to bring a community of friends together with boys that may not have had the chance to interact but do in a different setting.”

Mr. Wilson started a long time ago with a teacher who wanted to do a different type of talent show for the gentlemen since homecoming and prom are more focused on the girls, there should be a fun setting to recognize boys as well.

The show consists of rounds including a talent round, a group dance and a lip sync battle. Throughout each round, teacher judges make cuts until the final senior standing is crowned Mr. Wilson. 

But such an elaborate event comes with elaborate planning. ASB president, Caroline Gin describes the planning that goes into the event and how ASB is starting all the preparation. 

“We have multiple responsibilities that we need to take care of like the sponsorships for the show, Wilson staff who will be judges, sashes for the boys, and programs for the audience,” Gin describes. “We all contribute and have our own different tasks that are all very important and we always try to put our focus on the guys because it is their time to shine. The most important part about planning this event is making sure we have our details and that everyone is doing their designated job and that there is no procrastinating. It’s good that we are starting about two months ahead of time this year.”

If anything, Mrs. Branconier wants the boys to know that the purpose of Mr. Wilson is to be fun. 

“We work really hard as a team, everybody has roles and responsibilities to make the show effortless, so we get it done by working together, communicating, having deadlines, and just having the opportunity to create something fun for our student body. I think [Mr. Wilson] is definitely one of our most successful events, and an entertaining opportunity for outside family and friends to see as well and participate with their boys going crazy on stage.”

Senior Nick Valencia was among one of the boys present at the informational meeting. 

“I was interested in being a part of Mr. Wilson because a lot of people were telling me it’s a lot of fun and said I would really enjoy doing it,” Valencia said. “I have [some ideas] of a couple of outfits for the show that I think the judges and people watching will like. I am still undecided about what I’m representing, but it will either be the club I’m in, Girl-Up, or the sport I play, Basketball.”

With that being said we can definitely anticipate what our Mr. Wilson contestants have in store for us on Mar. 17. 


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