ASB Holds Annual Club Reactivation Meeting to Kick Off Student Involvement

  Two weeks into the school year, ASB will hold a club reactivation meeting in the media center on August 18th for all club presidents and cabinet members interested in bringing back their club to campus for the 2022-2023 school year. 

The meeting is specifically for clubs that have been in good standing since the 2021-2022 school year or those put on probation looking to be reactivated. Students interested in starting a new club or reactivating one that has not been on campus for a few years are encouraged to attend the new club informational meeting on Aug. 17th in Room B-20.

Mrs. Branconier, the teacher of the Administrative Student Body (ASB), says the most important thing reactivating clubs must know is that “ASB is going to be making sure that each club has their attendance sheet attached with their minute forms for each meeting.” 

  “We want to try to keep everything together and are always looking for ways to revamp and spruce the way we run clubs to make sure they are doing what they say they are going to do as a club throughout the school year,” said Branconier. 

  Senior club commissioner group leader, Angelina Lee, who will lead the reactivation meeting alongside Mrs. Branconier, explains how reactivating clubs can remain in good standing and off probation. 

  “The number one thing clubs get on probation for is not turning in their minutes,” said Branconier. “Minutes are the way we know for sure clubs are having meetings because clubs have to fill out their minute forms during every meeting that they have. If these do not get turned in every month, then they will be on probation.”

  At the beginning of each month, minute forms are checked from the previous month along with a check-in that each meeting is at least ten minutes long and that at least four active members, that do not include the cabinet, are actively attending meetings. Reactivating clubs will also coordinate with each other on creating a master schedule so that meetings do not conflict with one another as often.

Junior Erin Tran shares her excitement for first year in leadership positions to “plan more of the fun, spirited volunteering events that a lot of members enjoyed the most last year like the animal shelter, the Six Flags Fall Rally and beach cleanup”.  

  Student body engagement for the 2022-2023 school year begins with this reactivation meeting and Mrs. Branconier and the rest of Wilson’s staff, many of whom serve as club advisors, are ready to serve and support clubs in whatever it is they do this year.


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