ASB held elections and speeches for next year’s cabinet

It is that time again!

Glen A. Wilson’s Associated Student Body (ASB) held its annual cabinet elections on Apr. 17 during lunch.

All ASB cabinet positions are open to campaign: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,  two Senior Class Presidents and Historians. 

Before elections, each candidate launched a campaign weeks before election day on social media, in order to attract audiences and let the school know they are running. On election day, each candidate gave a speech, highlighting their strengths as a potential cabinet member and pitching to the audience in order to earn their votes. 

Sarah Pham (10), is one of the candidates running for Vice President and shared some of the traits that she believes makes her qualified. 

“Some traits that made me qualified for the position of ASB Vice President are my creativeness, my open-mindedness and my leadership skills,” Pham explained. 

Pham is certainly not the only well-qualified candidate this year. 

Heeju Bahk (10), one of the candidates running for ASB secretary, shares why she decided to run. 

“I have always wanted to step up as a leader here at Wilson and I wanted to do something that allowed me to put the student body first. When the opportunity came around, I went for it,” Bahk expresses. 

However, Bahk shared that her campaign was not run by herself, and instead thanked the many students and her friends who went out of their way to support her. 

“It was stressful but I had a lot of help from everyone who supported me, whether by wearing handmade bows, taking a picture for one of my videos, or cheering me in the crowds,” Bahk shared.

Regardless of whatever the results might be, Hannah Esguerra (11), one of the candidates for Senior Class President, is excited for the new term and what ASB has to offer Wilson. 

“Regardless of the results, I am so excited for the new ASB term with the new freshmen coming in and getting to plan and set up events for the whole school.”

Next year’s ASB cabinet will be revealed at the annual Battle of the Classes Rally on Apr. 28, so be sure not to miss out! Good luck to our candidates and may the best win. 


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