ASB gears up for upcoming year through cabinet election preparations

The Associated Student Body (ASB) members are preparing for the cabinet elections taking place soon.

The upcoming candidates running for cabinet spots plan to execute original and creative campaigns to persuade their audience to support them. The people who will be elected will be serving the board for the 2021-2022 school year.

Essentially, ASB president senior Matthew Chan elaborates on how the next president has big shoes to fill for his position.

“As president, I am in charge of representing our school at various meetings with other districts and schools. Candidates should be aware that this role also involves presenting monthly updates to the school board about what has been going on around campus and facilitating meetings during ASB to ensure that all things move as effectively as possible,” Chan said.

According to vice president junior Justin Huh, he expresses his thoughts on his overall experience throughout the year.

“My overall year being in cabinet was a very unique experience! This year brought our leaders some very unexpected challenges that we never would have thought we would have to face. However, we were able to work together and come up with effective solutions to keep our students connected in the midst of the pandemic. As of right now, we are currently in the early stages of ASB cabinet Election planning. Our possible candidates are currently in the works of writing up their speeches and coming up with campaigning ideas,” Huh said.

Furthermore, ASB member junior Alisa De La Rosa expands on her future plans regarding the election.

“For the upcoming election, I will be running for ASB Vice President. To prepare for the election, I will be creating a video to share with the student body that introduced myself and why I am qualified for the position. We will also have a campaign week where I will create graphics for my friends to repost and advertise my candidacy,” Rosa said.

As stated by ASB students, everyone is in the beginning of their planning and more information will be posted in the upcoming months.

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