ASB brings on Halloween festivities with spirit week

The Associated Student Body (ASB) held an online spirit week in preparation for Halloween from Oct. 26-30.

The spirit week included students sharing their favorite fall sport, favorite Halloween movie, favorite costume from any year and more. Students participated throughout the week by posting pictures on social media or sending them to ASB through Remind.

According to ASB advisor Patricia Branconier, she hopes that students will still be able to make new memories despite the limitations this year.

“Nothing will make up for the in-person events we may be used to [when school was on campus]. However, we sure hope that students can recognize [ASB’s efforts],” Branconier said. “If there is a way for students to create memories, [even through virtual events], I believe that there is no harm in participating.”

Furthermore, ASB’s vice president Justin Huh believes that these online events are able to make up for those missing festivities.

“Before the coronavirus, Halloween was a time for fun events and activities where friends and family gather together,” Huh said. “However, that doesn’t stop us from showing our Halloween Spirit! We are doing the best that we can to make the most of our current situation. What’s most important is that everyone has fun while staying safe!”

Lastly, sophomore Haisyl Ng believes that students can see that Halloween encompasses more than just trick-or-treating with the spirit week.

“The online events encourage and remind students that there are lots of ways to celebrate Halloween such as dressing up, carving pumpkins and watching scary movies. The only difference is that you are not getting candy from strangers which is probably not the best idea anyway,” Ng said.

ASB’s next event is the Thanksgiving spirit week that will be from Nov. 16-20.

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