ASB brings back BOTC rally

Glen A. Wilson High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) held its first annual Battle of the Classes (BOTC) rally event on Apr. 27, after two years of online school. 

The rally consisted of games, competitions and most importantly, dances performed by each class. Each class received points for how they performed in these events. Seniors ended first with a score of 4410 points, followed by the juniors with 3847 points, sophomores with 3370 points and freshmen with 2302 points. 

Junior ASB member and BOTC choreographer and dancer Haisyl Ng mentioned the rigorous yet worthwhile work to prepare for this rally. 

“As one of the three choreographers of the junior dance, I helped choreograph the dance, and as an ASB member, I helped set up the rally itself. Although it was quite a bit of work, I felt that it was all worth it by the end of the rally seeing how excited everyone was!” said Ng. 

Furthermore, sophomore Yuu Duffy notes how much this event encourages school spirit. 

“I think this [rally] did encourage more spirit. Maybe not as much as I wanted to see as it would have been cool seeing a lot of people dressing up as their favorite teacher or even wearing their clothes inside out during BOTC spirit week,” Yuu said, “But when it came to the last day of representing class colors we had the most people ever participate in a spirit day so overall I would like to call it a success.”

Lastly, freshman Emily Quon shares her favorite games and parts from the rally. 

“The Hungry Hippo game seemed like a lot of fun. I would definitely try it if [ASB] still has it available for the next BOTC rally next year,” explained Quon, “I also really enjoyed the dances performed at the rallies because they were all really cool.” 

The next event ASB will be holding will be prom which will be on Apr. 30. 


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