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Artists paint their legacies


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How Can I Paint the Sky? by Miffy Huang (12)

The original 16×20 inch watercolor and colored pencil piece was awarded “The Superintendent’s Award-Best of Show” at the HLPUSD Student Art Show and has been purchased by the school district for $100. It is currently hanging in the district office art gallery.

What is the meaning of this piece?

“This is a creative self-portrait using an art technique called foreshortening. I want to show that everyone can paint his or her sky when they are trying to make a decision in life. The paintbrush refers to creating memorable accomplishments and colorful memories.”

How did you feel when you were awarded Best of Show?

“It was a new experience, because I never thought the [district] would purchase the art piece from me.  It is also an honor for me, because it proved to me that I am successful in the art field.”

What is your passion behind drawing?

“I have interests in several [different] art fields, such as graphic design, photography and studio art. My passion continues to grow as I explore art in [greater depth]. I want to make the world a more artistic and pretty place.”

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The City of Industry 2057 by Christina Kuo (10)

The original art piece was bought by the City of Industry for $1,000 after winning a contest on the theme “Envision the City of Industry in the Year 2057.” It was sealed in the city’s time capsule, which will be opened in the year 2057 on their 100th anniversary.

What is the meaning behind this piece?

“I wanted to represent City of Industry in Year 2057, so I found references of futuristic buildings and [special characteristics] of City of Industry. I pieced them together and used my own color to create what I think City of Industry would be like: hopeful and professional.”

How did you feel when you won the contest?

“I was really happy and surprised, because there were so many other good artists who [participated as well]. It was a big life accomplishment for me because when I am around 60 years old, I can tell my grandkids, ‘Look at what I drew when I was 16!’”

What is your passion behind drawing?

“I self-taught myself drawing when I was a kid and took Intro Art in high school. As my interest grew, I [began to believe] that art can be my profession.”

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Dona Agustina by Bianca Gutierrez (Wilson Alumnus)

The original art piece was hanging in the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. for one year after winning the 39th District Congressional Art Contest Competition in 2016.


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