Artistically-talented student pursues success on the dance floor

With lights, cameras and music, Annabel Liu calmly prepares herself to showcase her ballroom dancing for an expecting audience.

Junior Annabel Liu is a dedicated ballroom dancer with a genuine passion for the arts. Additionally, Liu is a talented artist and tennis player.

In ballroom dancing competitions, there are five dances participants must do: waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep and Viennese waltz. 

“I decided to do ballroom dancing because I originally danced Latin before in China, which my mom wanted me to do,” Liu shares. “I thought it was fun so when I came to the U.S, I went to the dance studio near my house and they did ballroom and Latin. My teacher preferred me to do all ten dances.”

Ballroom dancing has many positive aspects for Liu, which helps her in her daily life.

“Dancing helps me to be more confident in myself because, if I did not do dance, I would not be able to talk confidently like I am right now. [Additionally], first place and trophies also help,” Liu says.

When Liu is not on the dance floor, she can be found drawing her next piece or training for tennis. 

“I started drawing because it was the only thing that I could sit down the whole day and do,” Liu says. “I really like how art can express your ideologies from different perspectives.”

Liu was first introduced to art when she was younger. Her mother and art teachers were a huge support in her artistic journey. 

Art’s importance to her is very similar to her love for dancing—they are both hobbies that are a large part of her life. 

“If I do not do art right now, it would feel like a part of my life is missing,” Liu mentioned.

She is currently a member of the girls varsity team at Glen A. Wilson HS. Along with art and dancing, tennis is something she finds enjoyment in.

Liu discovered tennis at the young age of five. After being put into multiple group lessons and making new friends, she can now play the sport confidently.

“The friends I have now from tennis is the most enjoyable part because we share similar interests,” Liu says. 

Other than ballroom dancing, art, and tennis, she also has other activities she likes to take part in, such as horseriding, flute, and snowboarding.

“I love horseriding,” Liu mentions. “I used to horse ride a lot because my aunt loved doing it, and I was told it would be good for me to enjoy it.”

Additionally, she played the flute as a hobby but gave it up due to a lack of time for practicing.

“Flute would be a great hobby for me to pick up, but since I do not have the time for it, I cannot really pick it up as a hobby right now,” Liu says.

Liu’s future goals are to major in art for illustration and to continue her passion for art as time passes. She thanks her mom for helping her pursue these hobbies that shape who she is now.

But, undoubtedly, wherever this artistic student will go, Annabel Liu is destined for success. 

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