Arcane: League of Legends Netflix series expands the game beyond the rift

Expanding beyond the summoner’s rift, Arcane makes its way as a legendary adaptation.

The new Netflix show, Arcane, is based on the world of League of Legends MOBA game. In the past, League of Legends has launched phenomenal animated shorts to promote the game’s new characters and esports events. To no surprise, fans entertain the topic of what a League of Legends show might look like. 

On Nov. 6, those wishes have finally come true. 

Arcane takes place in two of the most notable locations in League of Legends: Piltover and Zaun. Piltover is a thriving, progressive city whose power and influence are on the rise, while underneath it lies Zaun, an undercity district lying in the deep canyons and valleys threading Piltover. Zaun and Piltover were once united but are now separate, yet symbiotic societies. On the verge of a revolutionary change that could impact the entirety of Runeterra, a pair of Piltover scientists are figuring out a way to harness the power of magic for the benefit of society.

The show begins by introducing Vi, a leader of a small gang from Zaun. Looking to make a name for themselves in the crime-ridden city, the crew heads to the upper reaches of Piltover to steal some expensive-looking gadgets, but as usual, things don’t go as planned. From there, we witness Riot’s interpretation of the long-awaited lore of the game. 

And oh boy, did they deliver.

Vi is not the only character we get introduced to. All-time favorite League of Legends champion Jinx is introduced .  Jayce is also another familiar character that league players would get excited for as they tease a picture of his hammer in episode 2. When being introduced to Jayce, fans are quickly introduced to another fan favorite, Caitlyn. Fans learn some backstory for Caitlyn and learn she belongs to a wealthy family having an influential position at the council.

Arcane makes it clear that you don’t need any prior knowledge of League of Legends to enjoy the story. In fact, long-time players are surprised at the show’s approach, incorporating more mature themes with swearing and violence. But, if the viewers are familiar with the franchise, they will find a story with exciting easter eggs and a deeper look into the champions that they have played within the game. Therefore, viewers are in for a surprisingly thrilling adventure that doesn’t skimp on style. 

This show is very unique when it comes to showcasing a never-seen before animation style. Each frame looks like a brilliant piece of hand-painted concept art that got put into motion. Fans of league of legends will be familiar with this animation style due to Riots past work with their music videos and character trailers for league of legends.

For those interested in catching up with the show, the show’s release schedule is similar to that of Netflix’s original trilogy “Fear Street” because of how they branched out the releases of each of the movies. For Arcane, episodes will be released in the form of acts. Each act will consist of 3 episodes with the series having a total of 9 episodes.

Arcane is a great adaptation and should definitely be watched, especially since there are only 3 episodes out right now, so there is much more to look forward to. The next batch of episodes will be released on Nov. 13.


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