An Insight On How Our Wildcats Are Doing This Second Semester

Jasmine Saldono (12)

How do you feel about your current school life?“I like the current school routine because it is easier to focus on my academics. We only have announcements on Mondays and the school day ends earlier than I am used to.”

Do you still feel the same about distance learning as you did at the beginning of the school year?

“I liked distance learning at the beginning of the school year. However, I realized that the rest of my senior year was going to be very disappointing as we do not get to do all the fun senior things that we were looking forward to this year.”

Do you think that the current education system is flawed in any way?

“The current education system is not the best, especially for students who do not possess their own devices and live in smaller houses. Teachers can not control the learning environment for students as they usually would in-person, but I think our district and school have done their absolute best to help students in any way possible.”

Justin Xu(12)

How do you feel about your current school life?

“School is really hard to take seriously when you are at home, so it does not really feel challenging to me in any way.”

How have you been dealing with the stress of online learning?

“I do not have much stress from online learning, my classes are pretty easy.”

Do you believe that the current online format is better than in-class learning?

“The current online format is definitely worse than the traditional one. It is harder for everyone to stay focused in class.”

What is one thing you miss about the outdoors?

“I miss playing tennis outdoors.”

Sarah Axelrod (11)

How do you feel about your current school life?

“I feel fine about school now since I have gotten used to distance learning. School can be stressful at times, but that is normal even during a regular school year.”

How do you feel about your disconnection from in-person school?

“There are aspects of in-person school that I miss, such as hands-on labs. I hope that we could go back to school in-person next year, but distance learning is not all bad.”

What have you enjoyed most about distance learning?

“One thing that I have liked about distance learning is that I have more flexibility with my schedule.”

Truman Ma (11)

How do you feel about your current school life?

“As a junior, current school life is extremely demanding but manageable. I am unsure whether or not distance learning has had an impact on the difficulty of my classes.”

How do you feel about your connection with school?

“I have close connections to parts of the school such as my clubs or friends, but I do not feel very connected to the school. Distance learning probably decreased my connection with the school.”

What would you say is the most beneficial part of online education?

“The best part of online education, in my opinion, is its convenience. Students can do all their work and attend class at home.”

Avery Liu (10)

How do you feel about your current school life?

“I feel pretty stressed about my current life as I am having some difficulty balancing my schoolwork, social life and extracurricular activities. However, I am still maintaining an optimistic perspective that everything will work out in the end.”

What do you think will change when people go back to school?

“I feel like our study habits and work ethics that were nurtured over a year of distance learning will be difficult to let go of. Furthermore, some friendships have strengthened while others have drifted apart.”

Do you believe that online school is doing a good job of teaching?

“I feel like in-person learning would definitely be better when it comes to teaching and learning since we will be able to learn more, develop stronger work ethics and work with classmates more efficiently.”

Nathan Lee (10)

How do you feel about your current school life?

“Given the circumstances of COVID, my current school life is fulfilling, probably more than if we were not in a pandemic. Some of the teachers are nice and I am getting my work done. Overall, it has been pretty nice.”

What do you miss the most about on-campus education?

“What I miss the most about being on-campus is spending time with my friends. Sitting in front of a computer all day long has been pretty boring; it hurts my eyes and I have been pretty lonely without my friends.”

How would you feel if distance learning becomes permanent?

“I would not mind that much as I have gotten accustomed to online schooling these past few months. If I were to go back to school, it would be worse as I would have to readjust to being back in a classroom after a year of staying at home.”

Ellie Ongg (9)

How do you feel about your current school life?

“I feel that my current school life could be more productive, but because of quarantine, I find it hard to do the activities I enjoy.”

Which one is less stressful, online or in-person?

“Online school is less stressful since school takes place at home, and it is more comfortable and convenient for me to learn.”

What do you think is the most difficult part of online education?

“The most difficult part is connecting with other students and teachers.”

Alan Wang (9

)How do you feel about your current school life?

“I feel like current school life is very complicated and confusing because it is hard to keep on top of things, such as homework and due dates. Also, it is harder to pay attention in class as it does not feel like a requirement.”

How does it feel to have your high-school experience online?

“I personally do not mind delete learning online as I am somewhat getting by fine with good grades.”

What do you think defines a good education?

“Teachers who take the time and effort to interact with the class and give resources to help students in need.”

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