AlphaGenesis provides students with insight in the STEM field

AlphaGenesis hosted the STEMinar, an information meeting, on Mar. 6.

The meeting included guest speakers Katie Kyan, Albert Lokeman, Sarah Lam and Alvin Lee, most of whom were past students at Glen A. Wilson The STEMinar focused on advising students on how to get into good colleges as well as finding the right majors.

According to the event organizer and captain sophomore Michelle Lam, if the event was not held remotely, the team would have made STEMinar more interactive for students and parents.

“We added a Q&A portion to this STEMinar and some polls to get the audience more involved; however, if it were in person, we would definitely make it more fun by incorporating booths from different companies and clubs that displayed projects they were working on. [Despite these setbacks], we were still really happy with the [results] and we learned a lot from hosting this STEMinar,” Lam said.

Moreover, AlphaGenesis member sophomore William Wei hopes the seminar inspired some students to join the STEM pathway to explore their passions.

“The main point we were trying to convey in this [seminar] is to inspire young teens’ interest in STEM as well as give some insight on how the pathway is like through our college alumni. You have to really love STEM to be successful in the pathway; it’s more of like a passion over money kind of thing,” Wei said.

Furthermore, sophomore Jiaxi Zhang, understands the tough decision of choosing a major when attending university.

“Something specific I learned from the seminar, and I hope everyone else who attended the seminar should learn, is that it’s alright if you are uncertain on what your future career plan is. There’s plenty of time to experiment and learn about what interests you,” Zhang said.

AlphaGenesis’ next competition will be held on Mar. 20.


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