Allowing Trump On The Ballot is a Huge Mistake

  On Monday, March 4, the Supreme Court reversed the decision the Colorado Supreme Court had made regarding Trump’s legitimacy of being on the presidential ballot. That decision is one that will very negatively affect the upcoming  election and lead to an obstruction of America’s constitutional principles.

  Going back to January 6th 2021, a date that will live in infamy, Donald Trump incited a violent uprising attended by conservatives at the US Capitol when votes were being counted for his political rival, Joe Biden. This insurrection led to many injuries and at least 9 deaths. As a result, Trump has been in the process of being charged with being the inspiration or leader of this charge against America for years, but has managed to postpone any and all actual trials to come forth, and election season is now underway. 

  As a result of no real charge having been made yet, states decided to take the matter into their own hands. Colorado led the charge and cited Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, stating that no person that has engaged in rebellion can hold office in the United States, and removed Trump from the ballot and would discord votes written in for him. Maine and Illinois soon followed, but Trump appealed to the Supreme Court after the Colorado Supreme Court denied him, and he eventually got what he wanted. 

  The Supreme Court reversed the decision made, and claimed the reason why is because “Congress, rather than the States [is] responsible for enforcing Section 3 against federal officeholders and candidates.” This move allows the Court to sidestep actually praising or condemning Trump’s actions, and merely tells states to let him on the ballot regardless of if he was guilty of insurrection. 

  To be clear, this is the most dangerous move the Court could take here. If Trump were to win the presidency, he could fill the Department of Justice with officers that will drop the charges against him. Simply delaying and delaying any actual action taken against him has been Trump’s gameplan, and it has worked. To allow a man that incited a riot that endangered or killed US citizens sends the message that people in power are above the law; and that should not be right. Without taking action now, this will inspire future leaders to seize power in increasingly fascist methods because they know there will be no pushback on the federal level! 

  Speaking of fascism, this will be the new America if Trump is successfully re-elected. An ominous project known as “Project 2025” has risen to prominence this election season, founded by several conservative figureheads in America, all with ties to Donald Trump. The project’s goal is to secure far-right power for decades and cut down the power several other federal services have, such as the DOJ (Department of Justice) or the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) if they are not dismantled entirely like the FBI or Department of Homeland Security. Additionally, anyone against the decisions or policies of Trump would be seen as an insurrectionist in a morbid twist, and could be taken down by our very own military. To have these plans go into action would be an attack on democracy and our rights as citizens. 

  Furthermore, many government officials would be screened and removed from their jobs on account of being “diverse” or “inclusive,” truly showing the lengths this conservative power play will go to to ensure their prolonged power to cause as much harm to our rights as possible. Those on welfare will see their benefits completely removed, queer rights will be stripped from anti-discrimination bills, and women will see even more restrictions and what they can and cannot do with their body. These will all be in the name of the Christian nationalist government that will be instated. Once again, if you were to publicly denounce these decisions, you would be considered an enemy of the state!

  The reasons above are why the Supreme Court making the aforementioned reversal is so important. With the Supreme Court having a Republican majority, this move was likely a calculated one that gets in the way of justice in hopes for a future Trump presidency. Trump is a terrorist, plain and simple, and to allow someone who has openly stated they will use the powers of the presidency to take over and abolish our systems of equality is a slap in the face to American citizens. Once he is elected, a further beatdown of our rights will ensue. 

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