Advanced Drama’s Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Is A Success!

  On March 7 and 8, Glen A. Wilson’s Advanced Drama Program gave an exciting performance for their interactive show “Murder Mystery Dinner Theater.”

  The performance was set on the stage of a movie premiere, and the show was just as it had sounded:  guests must solve a murder that occurred during the premiere while having a four-course dinner made by the culinary students. While having their meal, the guests were allowed to interact with the actors and actresses to gain more information on the characters’ motives and figure out who the murderer was.

  Drama teacher and director Mrs. Kim Weaver discusses the amount of preparation for such an important show.

  “They [the students] pick the ‘event’ that the people are being invited to, to which they picked a movie premiere,” Weaver says. “Then, we picked out a time period, and so we did our research to make sure we were historically accurate and everything fit within the time period. From there, they built a bunch of characters that related to the movie premiere and decided on the history they had with each other. Once we built that, we made the decision to pick who would die, who murdered them, and why. Finally, it’s up to the guests to learn the clues and determine the final answer.”

  She also explains the difference between the dinner theater and other shows she had directed before.

  “There’s very little direction in the sense that my students have so much freedom with these characters, and they get to respond to people the way they feel like their character would best. When there’s no script, the students get to make that decision themselves.”

  As the person who played the role of Malcolm Stilton, Parker Won (11) describes the procedure taken to earn the character he got.

  “The whole class got together to pitch ideas for different characters,” Won replies. “Once a character list was made, we were able to audition for them through improv.”

  Won also depicts the emotions he was feeling throughout the show while having to stay in character.

  “Being in character for two hours straight seemed really stressful at first, but it was very fun to interact with people throughout the show,” he states.

  Ximena Brown (10), a guest at the dinner theater, talks about her experience at the show.

  “I had a lot of fun at [the] Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre,” Brown responds. The culinary students did a good job with the food served and the actors were very talented. Overall, it was a great experience!”

  When asked about what she enjoyed the most at the performance, Brown comments, “I enjoyed conversing with the actors most. Even though I wasn’t close to solving the murder, the actors I interacted with were sociable and delightful to talk to. My favorite pastime was asking the characters about their backstories.”

  The next show, “Dramaflix”, will be presented by Intermediate Drama on March 20 and 21, so get your tickets!

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