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Administration to terminate Song team

PC_ Allison Fann

 Wilson will no longer have a Song Team in the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

 According to assistant principal Robert Hidalgo, the discontinuation resulted from Administration’s decision to place a greater emphasis on and provide more resources for the Dance program. Returning Song members will remain a part of the Glen A. Wilson Dance Company, and the restructuring of the Cheer and Dance program is also probable.

 Hidalgo says that Administration hopes to keep school spirit up through other programs.

  “There are many [ways] to [maintain] school spirit, [which is why] we encourage Song members go into Dance or Cheer [in order to] help that spirit continue,” Hidalgo said.

 On the other hand, Song member sophomore Juliette Garcia believes that a major source of school spirit will be lost.

 “It feels like our entire team is being thrown away,” Garcia said. “Song was known for cheering and dancing at almost every school event, [and] that aspect of school spirit will no longer be a part of the school anymore.”

 Song members are compiling a list of students who are interested in appealing Administration’s decision. However, since Song has not hosted tryouts yet, Garcia believes it is unlikely that the team will be allowed to stay.

 Song captain senior Kelly Huang says that many incoming freshmen will lose the opportunity to experience the Song team.

 “I have been on this team for four years, and it is [devastating] to know that the [students who are interested] in joining the team cannot share the [Song team] experience,” Huang said.

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