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Administration tightens campus security

news shootingBy JUSTIN YEH

 Industry Sheriff officers arrived on campus to monitor the school entrance and investigate an undisclosed subject on the morning of Friday, Feb. 16.

 Before first period began, security at Wilson initiated a lockdown and closed all but one entrance to the school to monitor the crowd size as students arrived.

 Just one day prior, 19-year-old gunman Nikolas Cruz opened fire on Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Florida, killing seventeen students and staff and wounding many others.

 Though there is no reported connection between the Florida shooting and the campus monitoring, with the current safety threats reported in schools around the nation, Principal Danielle Kenfield believes it is more important than ever to emphasize safety precautions.

 “Our goal is to make sure that all staff and students are always safe on campus,” Kenfield said. “We investigate every threat seriously for peace of mind because of the potential that it could be real.”

 Wilson’s current safety precautions include having security and active administrators patrolling the campus throughout the day.

 History teacher Robert Rogan approves of the precautions but admits that more can be done.

 “On paper, we have an excellent plan established, but there is always room for improvement,” Rogan said. “Teachers should receive more training to [prepare] for certain situations and look out for [potential] conflicts during [passing periods].”

 As a result of the many threats  reported in the news, junior Cherise Ching feels less safe on campus.

 “I never expected school to become a dangerous place, but with such easy access to guns and bombs, it is not surprising that students’ lives are now at risk,” Ching said. “Hopefully, stricter laws will be implemented to protect the lives of everyday people.”

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