Administration holds meeting to plan Club Rush

The administration organized a meeting to inform club representatives and presidents about virtual Club Rush on Sept. 28.

The meeting informed club officers to create one-minute videos that introduce students to the various clubs being offered this year. Principal Dr. Danielle Kenfield and Associated Student Body (ASB) advisor Patricia Habash-Branconier discussed guidelines for the video and submission details with the students attending.

Essentially, Red Cross president junior Justin Huh explained how he believed ASB did a great job planning, considering the roadblocks presented by distance learning.

“Personally, I believe ASB did an amazing job coming up with an alternative Club Rush for this year,” Huh said. “Even though it will be held virtually, I believe we will still be able to reach out to those interested in joining Red Cross; I am hoping to reach more students than previous years, since [everyone will be able to see our video].”

Additionally, Best Buddies’ president junior Allison Wibowo touched upon the challenges the club faces with distance learning. “In the past, our club [revolved] around forming events that were very interactive and students would meet new [peers and mentors],” Wibowo said. “These events will definitely look different this year, but Club Rush sets [a precedent to be creative with our situation].”

However, ASB member, Candice Lee said it would be harder to promote clubs and club activities.

“Unlike any other year, this year would be much more difficult to promote clubs as each club only has one minute to introduce the club to the student body during Club Rush. Students can only receive messages about the club through ASB/club’s social media, which makes it hard for students who do not have access to such platforms,” Lee said.

Club Rush will be held on Monday, Oct. 5.

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