A look into Wilson’s Debate club


 Debate club held its first meeting in Room B-26 on Sept. 19.

 During the meeting, cabinet members explained the club’s upcoming activities and goals. Members will participate in mock debates and speaking exercises in future meetings.

 According to advisor Ernesto Leon, Debate club offers an opportunity for students to discuss current topics.

 “People will be forced to think critically about specific controversial topics such as abortion,” Leon said. “It opens up new ideas and allows students to think about what is happening in the world.”

 Additionally, vice president senior Samantha Redline hopes members can improve their public speaking skills through club activities.

 “I want to be able to work on people’s speaking [and] argumentative skills, [so that] we can [improve their performance] not just at our meetings but also in class,” Redline said.

 Furthermore, member sophomore Hannah Mousseau found the first meeting to be very informative.

 “The [cabinet] explained [the various] types of debate competitions [available to us], and I [learned] about other speech [formats],” Mousseau said.

 Debate club will have another informational meeting during lunch on Monday, Sept. 24.


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