A look at our ASB president, Bradley Co

  Bradley Co (12) is a president of the Associated Student Body (ASB) here at Wilson, and has contributed a lot to our school!

  “In all honesty, the reason why I joined ASB to begin with was because I had no clue what else to do in high school. Coming out of distance learning, I knew nothing about the electives at our school and after asking my sister for some advice, she recommended me to try and join ASB. I would never have imagined it being such a huge part of my life now, and I appreciate every second of it.”

  Being such a leader in ASB does hold some responsibilities that Bradley has to be on top of. “The main responsibilities I face are just with accountability. Holding myself accountable for not only my own actions, but all of ASB’s is something I have to constantly keep in mind in order for us to all stay on track and get the job done.”

  In addition, he had to work for the spot. “The interested candidates [for the position] are first informed of all responsibilities for their positions of interest. Following this, the candidates typically have all of spring break to plan their campaign, which is then followed by a week of posters, candy, graphics, videos, and more. At the end of that said week is when speeches are given, and the student body votes with results being announced at our Battle of the Classes.”

  However, don’t get it twisted; ASB was a great choice for him. “Being in ASB has affected me in a way that is nothing but positive. ASB, especially when I was a sophomore, allowed me to really connect with our school and find out what we are all about. I have been able to talk and interact with people from varying grade levels, going from people I would never have had the chance to talk to, to some of my closest friends. With this, it has provided me with countless memories, friends, and experiences that I will never forget.”

  Bradley wanted to emphasize what is up next for ASB, as well. “ASB is cooking up a lot of exciting stuff this year, with more dances, rallies, and club events for you all! We also want to make sure that we put more emphasis specifically on recognizing our students, clubs, athletes, and more!”

  Outside of ASB, what does Bradley get up to?  “With Key Club, Dude Be Nice, and Ecobuds, I am the president, so my main job in them is just to manage upcoming events or fundraising we have, while also keeping my cabinets on track for things we have planned and what they need to do to prepare. Aside from those three, I am an Algorithm Captain in the Code Team and a member of CSF. In the Code team we are currently working on this thing called the Congressional App Challenge which is essentially a competition to create an impactful app. As far as my responsibilities go aside from this competition, I handle creating and delegating tasks/lessons for all things related to data structures or algorithms. In CSF, I was previously a tutor in our school’s peer tutoring program which I hope to be a part of again this year.”

  How does Bradley want to be remembered here at Wilson? “I truly want to leave my mark. I would say the biggest thing I would want people to remember me by is my ability to be able to connect different groups of people together under one team. I want people to know me as the guy who helped them make a friend, or find themselves at our school, and I hope that’s something I can make happen.”

  With such an inspiring message, the question gets flipped; how will he remember Wilson? “My favorite subjects have easily been math and physics. Just being able to work and struggle through complicated problems and come out on top is a feeling like no other. While I would love to say all of my teachers [are my favorite], a few in particular have really stuck out to me as exceptional. These being Mr. Ro, Mrs. Bushyeager, Mr. Esparza, and of course Mrs. B. I want to give a special shoutout to Mr. Esparza, [with it] being his first year teaching at our school and already leaving such an impactful mark. He really is a fantastic teacher, mentor, and friend, and I hope he is able to enrich the lives of students at Wilson for many more years to come.”

  Who here at Wilson helped Bradley along the way? “Out of all my friends, there really is no one person that means the most to me. I appreciate all of my closest friends equally, as they all bring me different types of joy and help me stay balanced with work and fun. Some of these people include Duffy, Philip, Alan, Ellie, Erin, and Kristy.”

  Outside of Wilson, what does Bradley get up to? “I have been really into tennis recently. I have been going to play a few times a week with my sister, and it is a great outlet for me to just take a break and clear my mind. Post graduation, I really just am looking to go to a 4 year university and hopefully try and apply for some jobs.”

  Bradley’s final quote that he wanted to leave readers with is “NEVER SURRENDER.”

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