Student Submission: A Better Person


  Every day in our lives, we suffer from both happiness and sadness. Emotions tend to originate from our interactions with others. Our interaction is a reflection of our conviction and accepted propositions. Our actions are often being judged by others, leading them to form an opinion on our overall character. The way we interact with people, and the way others interact with us, can leave deep impressions on the way we live our lives.

   I remember in 8th grade when everything was going great until a close friend of mine turned their back on me. At that moment, I felt like the world ended. She pointed me out for being too self-centered and inconsiderate. Although everyone was all excited for promotion, my mind fell into a deep hole. All the flaws she pointed out made me feel like I was too worthless to live. My mind often went blank in class and at home. I that night, I cried to sleep and woke up with swollen eyelids. I reached out to another close friend of mine who led me to see the bright side of it. She taught me that if someone can’t accept me for who I am, then why try. Even with that mindset, I learned to be more considerate of others and make sure that everyone’s included. Ever since that whole situation, I always thought that I should be the one who gets left out rather than watch someone get left out in the group.

 Through this situation, my interaction with people helped define me in a whole new way. It changed me and helped me see the world with a new set of eyes. I was able to be more considerate, compassionate, inclusive and just a better person in general. Our interactions with the different people we encounter in our life can change the way we act in the future. My interactions helped me become the person I am today. Though the person treated me badly, I am still thankful to her because she helped me become a better person.

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