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 Cycling his burning legs as the sun beams down on him, Trinity Gau pushes through the last meters of a bike race drained of energy. Placing first, the exhausting race was worth the toil.

 Senior Trinity Gau is a cyclist whose dedication in biking makes him unique. He is currently a member of the Bicycle Club of Irvine (BCI) and is the president of Bike Club at Wilson.

 His strenuous involvement over the past seven years led him to discover his passion and meet new people who have greatly impacted his life.20180614_141445

 His devotion to biking started when his parents unexpectedly signed him up for a vigorous 600-mile bike ride that would take ten days.

 “The summer [after seventh grade], my mom signed me up to bike around the whole island of Taiwan in ten days. After I accomplished that, I got seriously involved in biking competitively when I was around eleven,” Gau said. “Then, I joined a club in Irvine where I fell in love.”

  Ever since then, Gau constantly spreads his love for biking through his bike club.

 “To share my passion for cycling, this year I created Bike Club to give everyone an introduction to biking. This allows members to cycle with new people and gain insight,” Gau said. “Every Saturday, we partake in group rides where we bike to different places.”

 Biking is a part of his daily routine, shaping him mentally and physically. Gau bikes to and from school, including many hours every weekend.

FB_IMG_1516555729294 “Every day I bike about six miles to school and back. Once a week, I typically bike 30 to 40 miles alone. This routine [of biking daily] helps me understand my body and pushes me to my limits.”

  To Gau, the most rewarding part of biking is being able to travel and the payoff of a strenuous bike ride.

 “My favorite part of biking is traveling to new places and admiring the scenery. Once, I biked up Mount Baldy, and after reaching the top, being able to look down at the beauty of the landscape below made the whole ride worth it,” Gau said. “Seeing the mountain in its entirety was completely mesmerizing.”

 Despite his success, he endures many injuries and obstacles that set back his progress.

 “I have gotten injured many times while biking, even in a car accident where my bike got totaled,” Gau said. “Money is also a challenge, especially since biking is an expensive sport where you constantly have to upgrade equipment.”Snapchat-1166082750

 Outside of biking, Gau also enjoys singing and being a part of Wilson’s choir. Although having a busy schedule takes away from his hobbies, he manages to balance school work and downtime.

“One of my favorite hobbies is singing in choir,” said Gau. “School takes up a lot of my time,  and I always make sure to prioritize and put being a student before an athlete.”

 Gau idolizes Peter Sagan, a three-time World Champion in cycling, because of how he spreads his motivation and passion.

 “One of my role models is Peter Sagan. He makes cycling a fun sport and shares his passion for it,” Gau said. “Peter Sagan is one of the best cyclists in the world and inspires me to be like him.”

 He thanks God and his family for their endless amounts of support.

 “Without God, I would not be the person I am today. He has led me through tough times and keeps me persevering. I would also like to thank my family for helping me out and showing me unconditional love,” Gau said. “I am forever grateful for the impacts they have made in my life.”

FB_IMG_1520130947680 Gau is self-motivated and driven to improve in hopes to be the best cyclist in the world. He often participates in criteriums, which are thirty-minute races of rigorous biking around a track. These criteriums prepare him for longer competitions.

 “I aim to be a professional cyclist and I know that I can push further. Every time I participate in criteriums, placing, and seeing the end results motivates me to become [a better cyclist].”

 Gau hopes to attend Rice University and continue on to bike at a professional level.

 “Biking has positively influenced my life and I am blessed to have these opportunities,” Gau said. “In the end, I want to be happy doing what I love.”

 At the pace he is working, Trinity Gau will continue to persevere and strive for his aspirations, undoubtedly achieving his dream of becoming the next Peter Sagan.


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