Break free, Ariana Grande




 Ariana Grande got 99 problems, but Pete Davidson will not be one.

 On Oct. 15, comedian Pete Davidson and singer Ariana Grande broke up after a five-month engagement. Many fans are still in shock since both have shown their love for each other through many forms, like trolling each other on Instagram, and even getting tattoos for one another.

Nonetheless, it was blatantly obvious that their relationship, at the rate it was going, was never going to last.

 Notably, people need to realize that Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande had only known each other for a few weeks before getting engaged. A few weeks is simply not enough time to develop a deep relationship where both people are ready to be engaged and get married.

 Many celebrity couples have been engaged extremely fast after knowing each other for a few weeks, months, or even days in some cases. A great example of fast celebrity relationships would be Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. After a relationship that only lasted eight months, the pair got engaged and married three months later. They stayed married for about 2 months, which is very short for typical marriages. Unfortunately, this is the reality of fast celebrity relationships, because most quick engagements or marriages ended up failing. Knowing this, Grande and Davidson would have most likely still crashed and burned even if they did get married.

 This is not the only major sign that their relationship was never going to last. Both had just gotten out of relationships before dating one another, which most likely led to a wanting for another relationship.

 In fact, both had started to date before officially breaking up with their ex-partners. At that point, both were looking for someone else to be in their lives and after meeting each other, they decided to become a couple to make up for their failing relationships.

 The final reason why this relationship had its end is because of the public backlash of fans who wanted Ariana Grande to be with ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. Fans reportedly sent death threats to Davidson after confirmation of Ariana and Pete’s relationship. Later, Ariana also got comments on her Instagram to leave Pete. This led to Pete and Ariana taking breaks from their social media accounts, mostly Instagram. Even their own families did not support the engagement after hearing the news. They believed that their relationship was moving too fast and said after the break up that both had made the right choice.

 These events definitely had an effect on their relationship. Having their fans and families not support their relationship could have made the couple want to break up in order to please them. Perhaps their relationship could lasted longer if their fans had accepted their relationship. However, since their friends and families were both in disapproval, the couple was receiving immense pressure to end their relationship.

 In the end, their relationship was never going to work out. People should be glad, like their families, that they did not get married because it was never going to last. It would have been for the best for both of them to end the relationship. Because then, they will no longer be problems for each other anymore.



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