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2nd Session of Open Mic Monday Commences During Lunch


  On Mon. Dec. 4, the second session of the Voices of Wilson (VOW) program and the Music Beats the Heart club’s Open Mic Monday commenced during lunch, with many students signing up to have the opportunity to sing in front of the student body.

  The first occurrence of Open Mic Monday happened on Nov. 13, now scheduled to occur monthly. Songs performed in the second session included Yoasobi’s “Idol”, Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”, Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me”, and Maroon 5’s “Payphone”.

  On the stage, performers get to have their own opportunity to sing a song of their choosing for all sorts of reasons. Akane Okamura (10) explains why she signed up to do her performance of Idol by Yoasobi.

  “I wanted to perform so I could show my skills and have fun with my group mates.” Okamura replies.

  She adds onto her statement by elaborating on her reasons behind her song choice.

  “I chose Idol because this song is really important to me, and personally, Yoasobi is my favorite Japanese singer.  

  When it comes to the audience, the people have their own experiences too. Genesis Perez-Zurita (10) describes her thoughts on the performances and what she enjoyed the most.

  “As a bystander at Open Mic Monday, it was really great to see some people get out of their comfort zone and sing or enjoy their lunch break while listening to amazing performances,” Perez-Zurita shares. “I really liked it when one of the performers started dancing while singing and how the audience were hyping the performers up. It was a great experience overall!”

  The next Open Mic Monday will happen on January 22nd. 



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