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The Grammys Captivates Music Lovers Once Again!

Art by Annabel-Liu.

The Grammys or the “The Scammys?”

The 2023 65th annual Grammys was held on Feb. 5th, creating many amusing and disappointing outcomes for some of the music industry’s hottest artists. 

The show was well-received and long enough to put you to sleep though it was exciting to see the favorites back in the spotlight for one more night.

Trevor Noah hosted the show for the third year in a row to the dread of many viewers, as he has made some controversial comments in the past,  even making some guests uncomfortable with his snarky remarks. When interviewing Pop musician Harry Styles, Trevor commented on Styles and the attraction women have to him, stating, 

“Women throw their panties at this man and then he puts them on and he looks better in them than they do.” 

This quickly changed Styles’ demeanor and people around him were uncomfortable as well. Many celebrities were also very silent while he walked around the room to interview guests as they did not want to succumb to the horrendously unfunny jokes. Noah even brought out The Rock for Adele due to the two stars never meeting in real life. However many speculated that if Adele really wanted to meet him then she would have so it was awkward for him to go out of his way and bring him out. 

Nonetheless, just like every year, awards are given out with a bang on live television along with performances by fan favorites. Bad Bunny opened the show with a fantastic performance of 2 songs from his award-winning album, “Un Verano Sin Ti”. At the same time, Harry Styles, Steve Lacy, Kendrick Lamar, and loads more of Hollywood’s hottest artists followed suit. The publicity and record sales boosts are the artist’s biggest goals that they try to reach when performing at the Grammys. It is a big accomplishment to sing at the Grammys, let alone win one for your music. 

The biggest upset of the night came at the curtain call of the show, as Harry Styles took home Album of the Year over the likes of Beyonce, Adele, and even Kendrick Lamar. came to his defense as Styles has established himself as a solo artist since leaving One Direction. It was such an amazing moment to see as a fan though there are many other elements to the rival albums that could have easily taken the win in another setting. 

On top of a wonderful night of music, a staple of every award show is mindlessly criticizing artists on the red carpet. 

Sam Smith’s outfit rocked up with an inflatable blob suit, which was unflattering to say the least, and began clowning on the artist’s red carpet choice, as Smith could not even walk properly as he waddled along the carpet on the way to the venue. Many compared the signers’ look to a scene out of the Pixar movie, The Incredibles. Lizzo also came engulfed in a hood of flowers which made fans have mixed feelings.  On the other hand, some of the best dressed included Taylor Swift, Cardi B, Anitta, Pharell Williams, H.E.R, and many more.

The man of the hour, however, was none other than Harry Styles Fans were hesitant to like his red carpet look as it was too similar to his Love on Tour outfits. Critics favored his snazzy blazer and khaki pants while inside the venue. 

It is easy to appreciate musicians as they contribute to music lovers, with the Grammys being a perfect platform to commemorate outstanding artists.  Till next year to see our favorites win!




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