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Spanish Honors Society celebrates Hispanic Heritage month

The Spanish Honors Society recently held two rallies to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month at the amps from Oct.14 through 15. The Honors Society showcased...

Wilson proctors PSAT exams for students

Glen A. Wilson High School proctored a Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude (PSAT) test on Oct. 13. Students were to take the test within two hours and...

Fall sports rally recognizes varsity teams

Glen A. Wilson held its annual fall rally in the amphitheater presenting the school’s fall season sports. Boys’ football, girls’ volleyball, cross country, girls’...

Class of 2022 kicks off the year with annual senior sunrise

Seniors gathered on the football field on the morning of Sep. 24 as part of the annual tradition: Senior Sunrise. Beginning at 6:15 AM, seniors...



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Military leaders attend hearing in regards to failures in Afghanistan

When the order of the retreat of U.S troops was issued by Joe Biden starting in May and ending on Sept. 11, many Americans felt that it was a...

Neoliberalism: Destroying the American working class

After the United States (US) left Afghanistan, the country saw its longest war come to a non-victorious close. What it did not see, however,...

Vaccines: A biological aid or a political stepping stone?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this piece are not a reflection of the views of Paw Prints as a whole. They are the sole...

Shadow dockets: how the U.S. high court pulls our strings from the darkness

Decisions are being made without public transparency, and that is an issue that needs to be addressed. The Supreme Court recently approved a law that...